What is Webchat?

Webchat works like instant messaging to instantly connect you to an RCN information professional, helping you find answers to your questions.

We’re available to advise and guide you, we can help you locate a book, search for journal articles, evaluate information, access e-resources or give you information on our range of services.

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 9am-5pm (Closed on Saturdays in August).

Using Webchat

Use the chat box to type your question where you see 'Your question/Message'.

Please include your membership number and a valid email address in case we’re unable to help straight away and need to get back to you.

Out of hours service:

Sunday-Friday, midnight-9am

Chasing the Sun is a collaborative effort currently provided between information professionals in the United Kingdom and Australia and provides contact with an information professional when you need help in finding database information after hours.