Historical biographies

In 1992, RCN Archivist, Susan McGann published 'The Battle of the Nurses, a study of eight women who influenced the development of professional nursing'.

Each chapter provides a biography of these amazing women and the organisations they were associated with in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These chapters may be downloaded for personal study or as teaching resources.

The biographical chapters are available here as Word documents:

  1. Eva Luckes: A Great Maker of Matrons (Word 117KB)
  2. Mrs Bedford Fenwick: A Restless Genius (Word 127KB)
  3. Isla Stewart: The Incarnation of Common Sense (Word 89KB)
  4. Sidney Browne: A Great Matron-in-Chief (Word 121KB)
  5. Rebecca Strong: Pioneer of University Education for Women (Word 134KB)
  6. Margaret Huxley: Pioneer of Scientific Nursing in Ireland (Word 154KB)
  7. Sarah Swift: A Supreme Organiser
  8. Ellen Musson: A Wise Chairman (Word 134KB)

The book ‘A Voice for Nurses: A History of the Royal College of Nursing, 1916-1990’ by Anne Crowther, Susan McGann and Rona Dougall is generally available from Manchester University Press

It is available to RCN members only at the discounted price of £10.99 (normal retail price £19.99) plus postage - contact RCN Direct on 0345 772 6100 to purchase a copy.