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Mental Health Virtual Ward

The RCN is pleased to announce that we have successfully negotiated the transfer of the former National Acute Mental Health Care Programme’s website ‘The Virtual Ward’ from the National Mental Health Development Unit (NMHDU), which as many of you will know is closing down, to the RCN’s own website.

The Virtual Ward website has been a unique one-stop resource for acute mental health care staff, providers, commissioners, services users and carers. It has proved invaluable as a place for those working in and using our acute mental health services to share ideas and practice and to access the latest information on innovation and supporting guidance. It was the brainchild of two mental health nurses working with the national programme, Bill Peacham and Alan Howard, and has had its greatest take up from nurses working in the service. It is fitting that the RCN should build on their legacy.

It is hoped to have the Virtual Ward up and running as soon as possible so please do bookmark this page.

The Virtual Ward is where you can keep in touch with best practice in acute care, with news, events, current policy and standards. You will also be able to access an extensive range of guidance and good practice and resources and share your own positive practice on a wide range of topics and activities.