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Making sense of patient safety

Patient safety is everyone's business. Regardless of what position you hold in your organisation, patient safety should be - must be - your first concern.

Yet despite this, thousands of patients every year are harmed in health care settings as a result of unintended or unexpected incidents. These incidents have many causes - some are down to poor systems or individual actions (or lack of action), while others will reflect failures at every level of the organisation or health care system. But the vast majority will have been preventable.

This resource has been developed to help you to understand the role you and your colleagues in the nursing team can play in protecting patients from harm and avoiding preventable incidents or accidents. It presents two scenarios that are based on real-life incidents which illustrate the wider context through which patient safety in health care settings can be jeopardised. It suggests means by which individual nurses and health care workers can  improve the safety and quality of the care they provide. And it provides a range of commonly used, simple tools that will help to promote awareness of a safety culture within your team and support you to protect your patients even better.

Access the first scenario now and start learning about promoting patient safety in health care settings.