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This site has been archived and is no longer being updated. You can visit the new RCN website at www.rcn.org.uk

RCN leadership programmes

The RCN offers a variety of leadership programmes that can enable you to enhance your practice and influence health and social care policy at local or national level. Learning and development can have a significant impact on improving the working lives of nursing staff and the quality of care for service users. If you want to boost your political, strategic or clinical leadership skill, the RCN can help you to develop your know-how through the following programmes:


Leadership is a key element of nursing at many levels and as a Royal College we seek to support our members to be the best and to be equipped with the core skills they need. We offer programmes for leadership, leadership materials and support for leaders. Leadership is also a key work stream for us moving into the future and you can find out more about this in the This is Nursing pages which became live in September 2012 .

RCN leadership provision

The RCN leadership provision comes in many forms and this is tailored to the needs of nurses across the four nations. We offer links to our associate consultants who can support people to develop individual aspects of their leadership skills and also leadership programmes such as the Clinical Leadership Programme and Leading for Quality Care.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Christine McKenzie or Val Hills at the RCN Learning & Development Institute by emailing consultancy.service@rcn.org.uk. If you are based in Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland, please contact your local RCN office on one of the following email addresses.

England: consultancy.service@rcn.org.uk
Scotland: Scottish.Board@rcn.org.uk
Northern Ireland: ni.board@rcn.org.uk
Wales: welsh.board@rcn.org.uk