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RCN house style for print and web


This guide has been developed to help staff and members produce written communications in a consistent house style and to retain a high quality, authoritative and recognisable voice for the RCN.

It covers all printed and web-based RCN communications, and replaces the RCN House Style for Writing. It is intended to be an evolving guide that reflects changes in the way words are used and how the RCN should be represented.

The aim is not to restrict creativity or the flexibility required to communicate with different audiences, but to ensure the use of a plain English style so that our messages can be understood by everyone.

If you have suggestions for amendments or additions, please email the style guide team. Your suggestions are very welcome and we will keep you informed of any action taken.

Thank you.

Kim Scott
Laura King
Shelley Lovesay

RCN Communications Directorate