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Nursing in the UK and abroad

One of the most rewarding and challenging jobs, a career in health care has plenty to offer.

Where to start

Every minute of every day, nursing and midwifery staff make a huge difference to millions of lives. Health care professionals don't just work in hospitals - there is a huge range of settings and specialisms you can work in. If you're thinking of a career in health care, find out where to start.

Coming to work in the UK 

Many UK health care services, particularly in the independent sector, depend on migrant workers from other countries. See information on employment placements and programmes for overseas nursing professionals. RCN members can also get advice from our Immigration Advice Service.

Working overseas

If you're a nursing professional thinking of working overseas, we have a range of online advice guides to help you plan your move. For information about volunteering and humanitarian work please visit the RCN International Humanitarian Community.