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Taking action

When you have completed the sections in this learning resource, you will be ready to take the first steps to make VTE vigilance part of your daily practice. Some of the resources provided are PDF documents. See [how to access PDF files].

Select the link to My action plan (PDF 27KB) to identify key actions you have identified that you want to implement. The Department of Health requires that risk assessments are carries out on every patient being admitted to hospital from 1 June 2010, so it's crucial that you make this guideline part of your daily practice. Your action plan is a PDF document and can be saved on your computer and uploaded to your e-Portfolio as evidence of your learning. You may also want to discuss it with your colleague or your manager.

You may also wish to write a reflective statment about your learning for your e-Portfolio and PREP. Select the link to the Reflective record template (PDF 42KB) for a useful proforma to help you write your statement.

When you feel ready, take the quiz to see how much you've learnt. You can always return to any section of this learning resource to revisit any of the information. The videos may be a particularly useful reference tool.