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Opening ceremony Sunday 10 April 2011 Welcome & introduction to CongressMonday 11 April 20111. Pay Cuts (R)RCN Greater Liverpool and Knowsley2. Medicines waste (R)RCN Welsh Board Dr Peter CarterKeynote speech3. Partnership and austerity (MFD)RCN Greater Glasgow 4. Transparency in service re-design (R)RCN Northern Board5. Proposed welfare reforms (MFD)RCN London BoardCNO's roundtable discussionRCN London BoardOne campaign: Living proofJamie DrummondCouncil Report to CongressMary Seacole Memorial Statue AppealProfessor Elizabeth N Anionwu6. Outcomes not income (R)RCN Hertfordshire BranchAnne Milton MPKeynote speaker7. Re-emergent diseases (MFD)RCN Public Health Forum11. Quality placements (R)RCN Students Committee8. Safe staffing levels (R)RCN Central Manchester BranchE27. NHS reforms (R)RCN Greater Liverpool & Knowsley BranchAlistair CampbellKeynote speaker9. Social networking & nursing (MFD)RCN UK Stewards Committee 10. Blood donation (R)RCN Greater Glasgow Branch12. Assessment of staff (MFD)RCN Cambridgeshire Branch14. Working across all clinical specialties (R)RCN Gloucestershire Branch15. Access to care (MFD)RCN Older People's ForumFuture Congress- the conversation continues13. Equity & excellence & patient care (R)RCN Public Health ForumE28. One family, one union, one voice, no imposition (R)RCN UK Stewards Committee16. Implementing the Skills Passport for Health (R)RCN Cheshire east Branch17. Return to SENs? (MFD)RCN Bedfordshire Branch18. Nursing Workforce (R)RCN London BoardCelebrating inspirational nurses19. Community mental health nursing (R)RCN Essex Branch20. Public spending and vulnerable adults (R)RCN Research Society21. Qualifications and experience (R)RCN Essex Branch23. Funding international work - Part 1 (MFD)RCN Lothian Branch23. Funding international work - Part 2 (MFD)RCN Lothian Branch24. Dual diagnosis (MFD)RCN Mental Health Forum25. Value for money in healthcare systems (MFD)RCN London Board26. Hate crime (R)RCN Cambridgeshire BranchE29. Nurses subsidising health service (R)RCN North of Tyne Branch