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Fringe FAQ

If you're thinking about running a Congress fringe event the information below should help you with everything you need to know.

What is the aim of the Congress fringe program?

RCN fringe events aim to provide high quality employment, policy and practice debates; professional networking; and dissemination of product or practice innovations for Congress delegates and guests.

When do fringe events take place?

Fringe events take place outside the main business of Congress, between 12.45-2.15pm or after 5.30pm. This allows voting members to be in the main auditorium for policy debates.

Who can hold a fringe?

Groups eligible to hold fringe events are:

What kind of fringe events could be held?

Fringe events can be in a range of formats – for example:

Fringe events are a good way to celebrate successful work, or launch new initiatives, products and services. They are also a good way to share findings from research and network with others interested in your subject. 

How do I submit an event proposal form?

All RCN departments/boards/branches/fellows should complete the form which then goes to the relevant senior manager for sign off.  All forums should return the form to their membership co-ordinator. Students should submit their application to Gill Robertson, RCN Student Adviser (gill.robertson@rcn.org.uk).

What is the deadline for submission?

The deadline is Friday 5 November 2010.

How is the programme approved?

Once a draft programme has been drawn up from the event proposals it will be reviewed by the Agenda Committee in December 2010. Organisers will be contacted if more information is required or action needs to be taken to address a possible conflict of interest or reputational risk. It is only after this meeting that organisers will be informed whether their event is confirmed and agree the date and venue for the event. Confirmed events, other than social or celebratory, will then be sent to the RCN Accreditation Unit for review.

How do I get my event accredited?

Congress is accredited for continuing professional development, and your fringe event is part of it. All confirmed events that have learning or training content (i.e. not social or celebratory) are automatically sent for review to the RCN Accreditation Unit. The unit checks that events meet required quality criteria and can advise on how to amend content if your proposal falls short.

So what is a poster presentation?

Posters are another way of highlighting a specific piece of work/research or launch and are ideal if you can’t commit to organising a fringe event.

You will need to bring your poster to Congress and display in the designated poster area so please ensure you bring along enough Velcro (hook) to attach to the poster board.

The poster boards are 1 metre wide by 2 metres high so the poster should not exceed this. Poster dimensions can be anything that fits into this space but typically are A2-A0 portrait.

What support will I get to arrange my event?

Once you have provided RCN Events with the specifications for your events including catering and audio-visual requirements, RCN Events will liaise with the venue and providers on your behalf.

When can I confirm details with speakers?

Do not confirm dates or venues with speakers until you have been contacted by the Events Team with the proposed date and venue; this will be no later than 21 January 2011. Fringe event organisers are responsible for identifying and organising the attendance of the speakers for their events.

How do I arrange a venue?

Most of the fringes events will be held within the ACC, the other venue to be used is directly across the road. We are still looking into venues for the Sunday receptions but please give us as much information as possible regarding catering etc so that we can find a suitable venue.

Your room will be allocated by the RCN Events team on basis of capacity.

Room hire costs are based on size and are charged at an hourly rate, but will be approximately £50 and do not include audiovisual equipment or catering. Set up time is included in the length of time you hire the room for - so for example, if your event is two hours long, you will need to include time either side to set up and break down the room and include it in your budget.


For those fringes being held at lunch times a basic sandwich lunch maybe provided. These range in cost from £6 - £11 per person depending on the venue. All other fringes may provide tea and coffee if they wish.

How do I know what day my event will be held?

The RCN Events team will allocate you a date and time for your event based on the availability of suitable venues and relevant time slots.

How do I order audiovisual (AV) equipment?

You will need to inform RCN Events of the following information when requested.

Please ensure that you include the following information:

You will receive a quote for costs which you must confirm.

How do I distribute tickets for my event?

Events don't have to be ticketed, but if you expect the event to draw a large crowd or are charging for entry, ticketing is sometimes necessary. Tickets should either be distributed in advance of Congress or via the RCN stand in the exhibition hall. The stand can distribute free tickets and also make cash sales. Further details about arranging your ticketing will be supplied when the Events Team confirms your venue. Information about how to obtain tickets will be included on your fringe guide web entry.

More help and information

If you can't find the information you need on this page, please contact:

Jane Brant 020 7647 3848
Laura Benfield 020 7647 3591
Email: congress.fringe@rcn.org.uk