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Congress agenda items: changes for the better

We have worked to make sure that this year’s agenda will be as current and wide ranging as possible.

Thank you to everyone who attended one of the sessions we ran across the UK on how to prepare a good Congress agenda item and to those of you who submitted items. Over 140 items were submitted – a 27 per cent increase compared to last year. They were submitted from across the UK and covered a wide range of topics and issues. The Agenda Committee found it very difficult to select the agenda from the many excellent items we received. View the full list of agenda items.

However, there is still time to get new issues on the agenda. There are slots on the agenda for emergency items to make sure there is every opportunity to raise new concerns and subjects between now and the end of Congress. If you need any help to prepare an item please let me know by emailing me and one of the Agenda Committee will contact you.

This year is also a year when we hold elections for members of the Agenda Committee so why not consider standing for election? The committee has the important task of agreeing the agenda and the overall programme for Congress week. Additionally, an important part of their role in the coming year will be to work with RCN Council on taking forward recommendations from the Future Congress consultation.

The elections take place at Congress itself with nominations on Monday and Tuesday and voting during the rest of Congress week – you can find out more about the elections on our Congress web pages shortly, or at Congress itself.

Rod Thomson, Chair of Congress and Chair of Agenda Committee