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Awards of Merit

The RCN Award of Merit was instituted in 1994. RCN Council awards members who have made an outstanding contribution to the work of the RCN. This year RCN Awards of Merit were awarded to:

John Hill

As co-chair steward of the RCN Yorkshire and Humber board and council member for the past eight years, John Hill has worked tirelessly in the workplace, the branch, the board and Council, where he was Vice Chair of Public Policy Committee and Chair of the Remuneration Committee.

Passionate about employment relations, he is also a strong supporter of the wider RCN agenda, contributing his time, expertise and experience to a wide range of professional and trade union activities.

His long and distinguished association with the RCN as an activist began 28 years ago when as a first year student nurse he was elected as a steward. Student colleagues recall he successfully campaigned for male student nurses to gain a wider experience of women’s health other than a single allocation to the midwifery department.

In his role as RCN steward, John assisted in the evaluation of over 200 clinical grading appeals and, since his retirement from his full time post as A&E Charge Nurse in 2007, still works tirelessly on behalf of local members.

His contribution to the local NHS foundation trust during his many years of stewardship is highly valued. During the implementation of Agenda for Change he was able to share the national perspective on relevant issues with the Joint Staff Consultative Committee, and provided a constructive and influential staff side input even in the most difficult negotiations.

Early in his career he was involved in the development of the Accident and Emergency course at Hull University, and continues to maintain his knowledge in health care and clinical practice in this field as a member of the trust’s nursing bank.

Currently he is an active RCN Lead Steward and a member of the Joint Staff Consultative Committee for the Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. He also represents members on an individual basis. In April 2010, John led the Scunthorpe RCN Branch team to host a successful pre- general election health care debate for nurses and the general public with local prospective parliamentary candidates.

Jane McCready

Jane McCready first became an active steward in 1985 when reports of the proposed closure of the Royal Samaritan Hospital in Glasgow began circulating.

Over the years she’s been involved in numerous reorganisations. When acting as staff-side chair for South Glasgow she was particularly busy with the launch of trust status in Scotland which led to the merger of the Victoria Infirmary with Southern General Hospital.

During her period as Chair of the Scottish Board she displayed exceptional skills and commitment. She played a crucial role in RCN Scotland’s drive to develop partnership working and proved highly influential in meetings with ministers and members of the Scottish parliament. She also displayed skilful management of the board when addressing professional and industrial relations based topics.

Jane’s most challenging time was as Nurse Honorary Treasurer during her time on RCN Council, when she guided members through the pension deficit and the proposed sale of Cavendish Square, presenting the facts and options in a very professional way.

Alongside tirelessly working to promote the political and professional agenda of the RCN, Jane gives generously of her time to new members joining the national board and RCN Council, supporting them to evolve into their roles.